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2019 Politics

Politics is now a 24/7, 365 activity. As soon as one election is over, the arrows start being slung for the next one.

The 2016 Republican primaries with their endless debates and 

16 hapless contenders rolled through Fox, CNN, and MSNBC like a slow-moving freight train from 2015 through the spring of 2016 when the most unlikely of the candidates – Donald J. Trump – walked all over some of the biggest names in American politics.



I don’t know if anyone other than Trump and his immediate family thought he had a snowball’s chance when he first announced. (Though I have one good friend who was a Trump supporter from day one. Good eyeballs, John).

Despite the drip, drip, drip of the email scandal (which remains unresolved to this day) and the lack of answers about Benghazi, the Democrats were simply biding their time until they could coronate Hillary. I mean she was a brand, had more money, a bigger organization, more political experience than The Donald.


How could she possibly lose to a real estate developer with no political experience and so much hair. And she dominated the polls.

Ah, yes, the polls. Those surveys of likely voters.

It has never been truer – except during the administrations of Andrew Jackson and his successful battle to kill the Second Bank of the United States – that politics is blood sport. And it is polls / surveys that keep track of the score.