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A million seconds is 11.5 days

A million seconds is 11.5 days.

A billion seconds is 32 years.

A trillion seconds is 32,000 years.

A trillion is a BIG number. Big.

One trillion dollars is spent on marketing every year –┬áplanet-wide.

About $600 billion of that is for advertising (as opposed to, say, packaging).

About 60% of the $600 billion is spent on television: $360 billion a year, most of which seems to have been written by 15-year-olds smoking Panama Red behind the left field bleachers.

Case in point: Doritos spent $3 million on this 30 second 2011 Super Bowl ad.


But not all TV commercials are created for viewers with the IQ of road kill.

Sometimes the clouds part, the angels sing and television commercials are created with flair and even a sense of positioning (intentional or otherwise).

Here are 4 TV commercials that use positioning.

Two position the brand with something and two position against something.

Which, in your opinion, which is the best?





I will publish the results of this survey (no names, of course).