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Fisherman Rubber Boots Create A Visual Splash

Here’s an interesting brand and packaging concept, in English and Russian, from thedieline.com. In a world that seems increasingly obsessed with esthetics over utility, it’s difficult to find a creative way to market a product that’s more about occupational health and safety than looking good. That was the challenge that the Kazakh creatives at GOOD! Agency tackled when they signed with Fisherman, a purveyor of rubber boots.

Russian Branding: Fisherman - Moscow Marketing Company Branding Company

Russian Branding: Fisherman - Moscow Brand Agency Positioning Market Research

While most of us pull on a pair of Wellies when we want to splash around in rain puddles, Fisherman boots are aimed at hardier folk who need real protection from hazards that lurk beneath the water. The designs that resulted from these positioning challenges communicate the brand’s utility with eye-catching visuals.

Both versions show water-dwelling predators clipping at the heels of the protective boots that protrude from the package itself, showing very simply that Fisherman boots can handle anything. We also like the eel design, which adds the element of electrical risk to the biological one of the piranhas and crabs. It’s an easy and effective way to show the consumer that the boots will protect you from not only the water, but also the dangers that you can’t see beneath it.