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Google + Nestle Team Up, Is It For The Best?

Google surprised the tech world earlier this month by partnering with Nestle to unveil the name of their next generation of Android operating system – KitKat. Since Android Cupcake was released in 2009, the operating systems have been named after sweet treats, but none were trademarked brands until now. While Google maintains that the deal didn’t involve any money, both Google and Nestle are working hard to make the best of this brand positioning marriage.

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Each Android-powered device will bear the name “KitKat”, and the chocolate biscuit brand is running a global promotion wherein buyers of specially-marked candy bars can win a Nexus 7 tablet or Google Play credit. KitKat has also gone a step further, revamping their website to look like a technology company unveiling its new products. Not only that, but they’ve produced a video that very obviously lampoons Google’s competitor Apple and their breathless product reveals.

Only time will tell whether this deal works for both companies. Some have already commented that Google’s long-lauded mission statement “Don’t be evil” doesn’t sit well when juxtaposed with some of the Nestle Group’s past controversies. And it’s already led to lists of future Android release names with other trademarked candy bars. But Kit Kat, at least, seems poised to take full advantage of the situation, trading on Google’s popularity to rebrand and revamp in the coming months.