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I remember the first time I was introduced to the use of surveys.

A large client suggested I conduct surveys to help them market some products. Of course I had heard of surveys – mostly for political purposes – but they referred me to some essays.

The lightbulb went on. Ask the people who are potential buyers of your product what they consider valuable about what you sell.

Find the most common responses and use those in marketing materials and PR. The prospects respond favorably because you are promoting what you already know they think is valuable.
There are some other bells and whistles, but those are the basics.

I was so enamored with this technology, I started a survey company years ago and the rest, as they say, is history.


“[Before On Target]…I was only seeing 40 to 50 new patients a month. After On Target… we have averaged over 100 new patients a month with a high of 132 (with a 50% raise in income).

We hired On-Target Research to do surveys and market research for our Internet Service Provider company.
We then used these results in a new promotional piece that we are sending out. The responses so far have been great and we are getting calls directly off the new promotional piece and getting sign-ups from this.

Awhile back I had On Target do a series of surveys for my business prior to advertising and revising my website. The surveyed buttons were completely spot-on and when I use them and other information gotten from the surveys to communicate to potential clients, I get many positive responses and sales. it’s been quite magical — these are still working as well today as they were when I originally got the surveys done. I appreciate the care and detail that went into the product that Bruce and On Target gave me — Thank you!
J Y, Owner

I want to thank you and your team for the amazing survey On Target performed for Energy Professionals.
We have been using your survey results for our website, all of our marketing materials, our training for our sales reps and for the foundation of all our company communications. One of the results we have achieved using this information was our highest ever sales last month.
Your services are very valuable, and we will be back for more surveys.
Sincerely yours,

“When we implemented On Target’s research survey findings our profits increased and marketing cost decreased. From a financial analysis of our company, we discovered that over a two-year period, On Target Research saved our firm over $300,000 a month or a ballpark total of $7.2 million so far.”
BC President

‘The positioning that grew out of your research was nothing short of stellar. We now have a strategically researched, laser like position that will dramatically assist us in rolling out our new brand.”
JLD President

“We took bids on this project, and none of your competitors offered such a short turnaround… At the same time, your cost was lower than all the competitive bids, again permitting us to move quickly and get more for our budget for this project than would have afforded from anyone else.”

“The business we received from the surveyed menus was phenomenal. Our takeout business increased 150% in just a few days. It has leveled off in a range about double what it had been before the survey was done.”
PB manager

“On Target Research is fantastic. Their ability to extract revenant and powerful data from C level executives is remarkable. In a short period of time, we were able to get profound insight into the hearts and minds of our potential clients. Their research is invaluable for all marketing Branding and sales initiative.
MA President

As a New Years incentive, I am offering a 10% reduction to our all ready low prices.
Call or email me and we can discuss your survey needs and how we can help you increase your sales handsomely 1n 2024.

Bruce Wiseman
President & CEO
On Target Research

On Target Research