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Logopond: 4 Creative Ideas That Aren’t Brands Yet

Feel like being creative? If you’re looking for a new spin on your logo, try looking through the “Just For Fun” tag on a cool logo design site, Logopond. We found these four creative pieces to get those creative juices flowing.

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The branding for this imaginary service is simple and effective. The outline not only brings in the traditional envelope motif, but also uses arrows to show the “sharing” side of this brand. There’s no question what this product does, even if it doesn’t exist yet.


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This logo merges the designer’s most important tool – the pencil – with a classic Native American symbol, the tee-pee. Its execution is slick and clean, with no room for confusion. We’d love to see the collective behind this logo any day.


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This one really is just for fun, but it still manages to shoot the message straight to our hearts. With coffee mug stains bringing in the office setting and the Olympic rings, it takes only a second to imagine yourself the paper toss champion of the department.


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This fictional record label definitely has one of the coolest logos we’ve seen. We never would have imagined that a wine bottle and glass could look like a microphone, but this absolutely works.