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Moscow and the Big Mac.

It must have been 8 degrees outside; maybe 9. The tip of my nose was frozen, and it didn’t look like the snow was going to stop. The line was long, and we were quite a ways back.

Moscow, February 1993.

It was our second trip to Russia. There would be more. The Soviet Union had formerly broken up a couple of years earlier and the line we were standing in was outside one of the first MacDonald’s in Russia.

Russians loved the burgers, at that time treating the fast-food restaurant like fine dining.

There would eventually be 850 locations in more than 100 cities in Russia selling Big Macs. But with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, global politics changed, and McDonald’s management pulled the plug in June of 2021. All of the golden arches were sold to a Russian businessman, and you can no longer buy a Big Mac in the land of borscht and Bolsheviks.


While 850 locations may seem like a lot, the fact is that MacDonald’s has 40,275 restaurants in operation and closing or selling off 850, isn’t as big a dent as you might think. There are golden arches in 133 countries worldwide. From Pago Pago in American Somoa to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, MacDonald’s restaurants generate more than $23 billion a year in annual revenue.

In fact, they are the largest restaurant chain in the world.

And they have one thing in common with the largest coffee chain in the world and, in fact, with the largest corporation in the world: ….yep, they survey.


“To remain number one in the fast-food industry, McDonald’s frequently uses market research to make its customers happy.”


“In the case of McDonald’s, a positive attitude when it comes to listening to their clients has allowed them to excel and rapidly grow to become a global fast-food chain.”



Are you getting the picture?

MacDonalds – one of the most successful companies in the world – surveys. And, frankly, so do thousands of other successful companies

How about you?


Surveyed your customers or prospects lately?

You want to your drive your sales and income?


“We took bids on this project, and none of your competitors offered such a short turnaround…. At the same time, your cost was lower than all the competitive bids, again permitting us to move quickly and get more for our budget for this project than we would have afforded from anyone else.”

K.C., Ph.D., Vice President, Systems & Information


Call or email me about who you want to survey and pricing (which will be more





Bruce Wiseman

President & CEO

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